I put this page together for myself, but apparently it's become pretty popular.  How I have no idea, I never linked to it anywhere, so I guess the search engines must have sniffed it out.  My original idea with this page was that I'd been reading tons of really great Inuyasha fanfiction, but they were all starting to run together in my memory.  If I wanted to go back and reread something, I was having trouble remembering what was what.
I've updated the descriptions to indicate which ones are complete as of 3-28-07.  If it hasn't been updated in a year or more it's marked as abandoned.

Inuyasha Fanfiction
A Single Spark Fanfiction Awards
  - The penultimate Sess/Kag fan site
Complete - Sess/Kag - "Kagome, now in college, discovers the tale of Sesshomaru and Rin. Grief can be a prison, but the bonds of love are not easily broken. What is the truth behind fairytales?"
Complete - AU - Sess/Kag - "An epic story of love and loss and redemption set against the backdrop of feudal war."
Complete - Sess/Rin - Rin is Sesshomaru's personal assassin, Sesshomaru has a pearl made to hold Rin's soul and let her live forever, with him.
Complete - Sess/Rin - Rin is captured, tortured, & killed by demons, Sesshoumaru saves her but she must heal the emotional scars left behind.
Complete - AU - Sess/Kag, Inu/Sango - "Sesshomaru has been asked by his father to do the impossible. He's determined to succeed, in spite of the complications presented by Inu-Yasha and one Higurashi Kagome. Nothing will stand in his way, not even the poor, innocent houseplants..."
Complete - Inupapa/Izayoi - How Papa meets Inuyasha's mother and fall in love.
Complete - Sess/Rin - "Some things we want, and some things we need. Some things stay with us for the rest of our lives. Three ordinary objects that are present throughout the lives of two people."
Complete - Sess/Rin - one shot death fic - "Some ways are too hard to change. Rin dies, and Sesshomaru is forced to come to terms with what her life meant to him."
Complete - Sess/Kag - "What started as a one night stand began to turn into something more."
Complete - Sess/Kag - "{Sequel to A First for Everything} It might not be just a fling anymore but that doesn't mean everything is going to run smoothly, does it?"
Complete - Sess/Rin - "Things that shouldn't have been said are said. Rin disappears, Sesshoumaru doesn't bother to find her. Years later, he resumes his search with his brother. What does she have that they want? Answers for past and present actions revealed."  Rin is transformed in a hanyo by Sess's Tenseiga
Complete - Sess/Rin - Sequal to Hurtful Words
Complete - Sess/Rin - "Everything you ever wanted to know about demon mating and marking will be explained by the ever knowing Sex Ed teacher, Rin. Inu and Co await the presentation anxiously while Sesshoumaru taps his long claws on his desk"
Complete - Sess/Inu - Sesshoumaru comes across Inuyasha after the death of his mother, and instead of rejecting him, takes him away and protects him.
Complete - AU - Sess/Kag - "Poor Kagome. At 7, her parents send her to Balamb Garden in hopes of her becoming a SeeD...Too bad Kagome doesn’t want to go. Soon she begins what’s destined to be a lifelong adventure, with plenty of bad tempered guys, perverts and villains to keep her busy"
Complete - Sess/Kag - "Naraku, Kikyou & Inuyasha are dead. The jewel is complete & within Kagome once more. Enter Sesshoumaru; he wants the Tetsusaiga and Kagome is the only one who can give it to him. Together they must face a threat worse than Naraku."
Complete - AU - Sess/Kag - "Who knew that all you needed to become famous, was drown..."  ROFL story, Sess is a model who rescues Kagome from drowning then starts dating him.
Complete - Sess/Rin - "A plan for revenge calls for the kidnapping of Rin. Nearly a year later, Sesshoumaru finds her in the Deep Forest(Fukai Mori), a forest where young and impressionable minds are easily corrupted. His enemy’s true plan revealed, Sesshoumaru must make a decision. Kill Rin or be killed."
Complete - Sess/Rin - "Sequel to Theft Through Seduction. Eventually R & SesshyRin pairing, detailed summary inside."
Complete - Sess/Rin - "A mysterious girl asks Sesshy for protection as she steals shards in not so appropriate ways. Wtrue intentions for Sesshy and the shards revealed, the story ends wa twist, setting a sequel to a SesshyRin romance."
Complete - Inupapa/mama - "A retro-generation fic dealing with how Inuyasha's parents met . This is now AU based on movie three canon. First documented use of the name Inutaisho!"
Complete - Sess/Rin - "Sesshoumaru forms a friendship with Midoriko, the young woman who creates the Shikon no Tama, & becomes involved in a battle against a veiled foe . . . many years later, a threat resurfaces to target Rin & he must find a way to destroy it."
Complete - Sess/Kag - "Plantations, New Orleans, past lives, and mysterious blue eyes. Will Sesshoumaru find his purpose in life or will he be comatose forever? Can his spirit protect Kagome when she is at the mercy of her step-brother, Naraku?"
Complete - AU - Inu/Kag - "{Historically Based Alternate Universe Plot} Kagome's perfectly planned life is rocked by scandal when she catches the eye of her sister's fiance, and now two sisters will compete for the love of their King, knowing that in the end only one can be Queen."
Complete - AU - Sess/Kag - "Kagome is a young girl come to Tokyo U. Through a series of events she meets Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha. As time slowly passes, her feelings grow deeper and deeper for one individual..."
Complete - AU - Sess/Kag - "He left her broken and vulnerable. After four years they run into one another again, only it is he who wants her back. Unable to understand his love, she'll keep on running. How will he show her he loves her?"
Complete - AU - Sess/Kag - She was sick and tired of waiting for him. “No more!” she had told herself. “I won’t pine for him anymore, even though he’s so handsome. And sexy. And he smells good. And oh, who am I kidding?”
Complete - Sess/Rin - "Simply put: A continuation of the Inuyasha series set ten years ahead focusing on Sesshomaru and Rin's budding relationship and what they must face together."
Complete - AU - Sess/Kag - "Kagome, an outcast, was alone until a certain silver haired mercenary rescued her. One day she found out he was going to be executed, how can she save him? "
Complete - AU - Sess/Kag - "An angel from the moon descended to Earth out of curiosity, but who could have known that the same trait would take away her ability to go back?"

Works In Progress
WIP - AU - Sess/Kag - "After cruelly rejecting her Sesshoumaru is cursed by his betrothed Kikyo to stay in a dog form until he can love someone unconditionally.  Fast forward to the future, Kagome is a Social worker who accidentally runs Sesshoumaru over but adopts him and cares for him.  Will Kagome lift the curse?"
WIP - Looooong update periods - Sess/Kag - Rin dies and Sesshoumaru is gravely injured and grieving.  Kagome risks the dangers to help him with his physical and emotional wounds.
WIP - AU - Sess/Kag - "A cold and ruthless businessman? What are the odds he would fall for a simple pet store worker?"
WIP - Looooong update periods - Sess/Kag - "Sesshoumaru is a perfection-driven workaholic. How cute. His new, dysfunctional stapler hates him. His new, dysfunctional secretary hates him even more...maybe."
WIP - Sess - "He was weak, tired, hungry, and most devastatingly……human."

Good One-Shots.
One-Shot - Sess/Rin - Dark - "She wanted to be with her Sesshoumaru-sama forever. And so she shall be."
**Best one-shot ever**
One-Shot - Sess/Rin non-romance - Comedy - "Sesshoumaru hates Tenseiga. A lot. He also hates his father, his brother, humans, unnecessary thinking, and shrill girls in miniskirts. Fate has never been overly kind to Sesshoumaru."  Sess's father reincarnated into a human boy, hilarity ensues.
One-Shot - Inupapa/wives - Comedy - Inupapa gets to wake up to two women and two boys arguing...
Long One-Shot - Inupapa/Midoriko - "Mysterious figures, Midoriko and Inutaisho... a fondness for mikos runs in the family, it would seem."
One-Shot - Sess/Rin - "What she misses most from her past is a family. Now Rin gets the chance to have a real, human family. Will she take it?"
One-Shot - young Sess/IY - "A promise is made between two brothers during a storm."
One-Shot - Sess/Kag - Single Spark award winner - "What spiritual or unearthly force drew me to this human mortal? I almost dreaded in a way, that it was not some outward force that compelled me to feel these strange stirrings, but it was the girl’s own power that drew me to her."
One-Shot - Crossover HP/Inuyasha - "In his quest to teach his students about foreign magical creatures, Hagrid has a demon shipped over from Japan. A poisonous, arrogant, ill-tempered one. Hilarity and mass murder ensue."
Shorts for 30Shards - #2 - Tenseiga and Toukijin arguing while travelling on a plane with Sess - HILARIOUS!

Abandoned works - Good stories, if you don't mind the never getting a resolution part...
Abandoned - AU - Sess/Kag - "He’s going to love her...chapter by chapter. Kagome Higurashi would love nothing more that to have a wild night with her downstairs neighbor, Sesshoumaru Taisho. When she accidentally discovers that he’s bought a howto manual on “pleasing” women."
Abandoned - author verified - AU - Sess/Rin - "He never did like going home for Christmas. His family was a terror. But it was tradition. And so he went. And found a little girl whose spirit was stronger than her silence."
Abandoned - author verified - AU - Sess/Kag on ff.net, IY/Kag on mm.org - "Kagome meets her boyfriend's rival, Inuyasha, while on his screen name. Then she meets Sesshoumaru when he's pirating music on Yasha's computer. What happens when they meet at the Judo tournament?"
Abandoned - Kag/Sess/IY - "A strange encounter leaves Inuyasha and Sesshomaru as young pups and Kagome is now the designated babysitter who has to take them back to her time to look after them until a cure is found!"  Death by cuteness to be had from this fic....
Abandoned - Inupapa - "A rumor about Sesshomaru randomly destroying a farm leads Inuyasha's group deep into a demon-infested wildland. But they uncover a shocking mystery -- and a demon none of them expected to see."
Eien Ni Nakunatta Shunkan
@ff.net   @mm.org
by wicked-oni
Abandoned - Sess/Rin - "Nearly a decade has passed since the Shikon No Tama was split. After a violent, nearly fatal battle with Naraku, Sesshoumaru is left to ponder the value of keeping a weak, young human woman at his side."
Abandoned - Sess/Kag - "An innocent game of tag. A chance meeting with the Western Lord's ward change everything for her. What lies between childhood innocence and jaded adulthood and when do you stop looking at the world through rose colored glasses?"
Abandoned - author verified- Sess/Kag - "The mikos assigned to protect the Shikon no Tama are fated always to join with the members of a certain youkai family to protect it. Fated love is not all it's cracked up to be."
Abandoned - author verified - Sess/Rin - "A girl’s strange memories, a group of odd friends, and a summoning ceremony all lead to trouble when a familiar member of the past is brought to the future. What will happen now…and how did he die in the first place?"
Abandoned - Inuyasha - "An old friend, a missing heir, a vengeful plot, a brother's pain; all tied somehow to a murderous conspiracy in the Western Lands. Inuyasha faces his father's people to unravel the lies and seek out his destiny - and perhaps find the place he belongs."  many other side stories.
Abandoned - Sess/Kag - "Kagome is strong and a human female. Who could better serve as a spy for the Western Lord? But soon she gets swept into an impending war between the cardinal lands."
Abandoned - Sess/Kag - "When Rin expresses her wish to have the kind hearted Kagome as her mother, Lord Sesshoumaru decides to take matters into his own hands. But just how far is he willing to go to make her dream a reality? And what if someone else has plans for Kagome?"
Abandoned - Sess/Kag - "Slowly she is losing everything. She and her brother become the property of Soh-A-Tech, an android research and development company owned by Nokugami, Haru. She struggles to regain a sense of self as her brother falls apart, unable to cope with the death of their parents. But what does the CEO of a multi-billion dollar technological company like Soh-A-Tech want with orphans? Or is it really the orphans that he wants..?"
Abandoned - Sess/Kag - Sesshomaru is injured by assassins and falls down the well to Kagome's time.  Kagome helps him recover and returns with him to the feudal era and his manor.