Old News
There's a new wallpaper of Gauron from FMP volume 8 up.  It was hard cutting around his hair to make the background and it really doesn't look too good to me, but I hope it isn't too disappointing.  Enjoy!

9:30pm  July 31, 2005

Wow, well where the hell have you been Jenny?  Lately I've been working, and in my spare time I've been reading Inuyasha fanfiction - a LOT.  I've even had to make an html page to try and keep track of all the ones I've read and would like to read here.  

In other news though, FMP volume 8 just came out this week, so I'll be scanning and uploading new backgrounds this weekend!  Gauron fans will be happy...
12:10 am  July 29, 2005

So, not much happening lately around here.  Matt and I went with some friends last weekend to New York and saw Star Wars Episode III at one of the digital projection theaters. All I can say is that it was AWESOME!!!  The whole trip was great, and we have pictures too if anyone wants to see!
Here we are in front of the theater, see the Star Wars ticker?
And here we are together in Times Square!
    10:30 May 28, 2005  
Welcome to my new web address!  I finally caved in and chose my longtime web alias as my web address.  Everything will be back up and running at full speed shortly, hopefully all for the better!
12:00am  Mar 23, 2005
I've got a new Kaname wallpaper up for everyone's enjoyment (especially the guys)  Check it out!

11:30pm  Feb 5, 2005
Yay!  I finally finished the Kaname and Sousuke two page spread background!  It's one of the sweetest moments from the manga, check it out here!  

3:40am  Dec 3, 2004